5MJ were invited to compete in a STEM challenge morning at Allerton High School last week.  Also present were Alwoodley Primary School and Brodetsky Primary School.  We learnt about eminent female scientists of the past, about the various careers that are available if you study STEM subjects and then were given a challenge to build the highest tower we could with one sheet of A4 paper.

It was great fun and also thought provoking about future subject choices and careers.


Malham Cove

Year 5 had a brilliant trip to Malham Cove this week.  We were looking at the source of the River Aire, geographical features and also as an inspiration for our writing and artwork.

We had a great day and the weather was kind to us!

Bio Blitz!!

5MJ were lucky enough to visit Adel Moor today with a Leeds City Council Ranger.  He was very knowledgeable about insects and small creatures and could direct us to where we could find some to closely observe, despite the cold, wet weather!

Amongst those we found were a leopard slug, moths, a 🐝 hornet, 🕷 spiders and an 🐜 ant colony.

We were amazed at the variety of creatures we found and also appreciated a little more the areas of countryside near to our school.

Reasoning using a fox, a chicken and a bag of corn!

On Tuesday afternoon, 5MJ took their learning outside onto the MUGA to explore this week’s learning focus ‘reasoning.’ The children, in their groups, were given four different characters. A farmer, a chicken, a fox and a bag of corn. The task the children were faced with was getting all characters from one side of the river to the other. At first this seemed an easy task, however the issue was that the children were not allowed to leave the chicken with the corn as it would eat it and they were not allowed to leave the fox with the chicken, as he would eat the chicken. The farmer was also, only allowed to take one other character in the boat with him across the river at a time, so the children began to explore their options.

As you can imagine, many ideas surfaced including tranqulising the chicken and making the fox swim! However, after much resilience and trial and error, it was revealed that there was a possible solution to the matter.

The farmer could have taken the chicken to the other side of the river, (leaving the fox and the corn alone) and then come back for the corn and take it to the other side. However on the way back, the farmer must bring back the chicken with him or else it would eat the corn. The farmer would then leave the chicken alone back on the original bank and take the fox across leaving it with the corn, before finally returning for the chicken! Good work 5MJ.

Potato Challenge

We are having a “potato challenge” in school which involves each class planting their potatoes in the same week,  in the same way.  We will then see which class produces the most potatoes in a given time.

We might have to think of a special feed to give ours so that they grow well….


Everyone was shouting they wanted Jesus to be crucified,  but Pontius Pilate wasn’t sure.  I wasn’t sure either.  We had no choice but to crucify him.

I walked down the path with a spear in my hand prodding and poking him to try and get him to speed up.  He carried part of the cross he was going to die on.  a huge nail was hammered into his hand – I was horrified.

The cross was hauled up.

“If you’re the Messiah, prove it by coming down.” said King Herod.  “if you healed other people, heal yourself”.

Then a miracle happened; Jesus made it really stormy and windy.

“It must be true I exclaimed.  I couldn’t believe it, we had killed an innocent man.





Leeds University Department of Fuel and Energy


Year 5 were very lucky to be invited to visit the Department of Fuel and Energy at Leeds University.  We discussed climate change, global warming and its causes, that even involved putting our hands inside a cow to find out what was inside its stomach!  We then visited the laboratories to see real life experiments in action.  It was a brilliant trip and quite a few of us have decided that we would like to go to University.