Fire Brigade Visit

On Monday Year 5 had a visit from Moortown Fire Brigade.

It was an interesting, if rather alarming, talk.  We learnt how to take preventative measures against fire and what to do if we are unfortunate enough to experience a fire at home.

Amongst other things we now know to make a fire plan at home, check that we have a smoke alarm fitted (which works!) – also that the Fire Brigade will come and fit one free of charge if we do not already have one.

It was also a reminder to never, never, make hoax calls to the fire brigade as it could cost people their lives.

Thank you Moortown Fire Brigade.


Visit to Temple Newsam

Year 5 had a brilliant trip to Temple Newsam on Tuesday.  Firstly, we had to follow a “Cluedo” investigation all around the House, marvelling at the amazing furniture and beautiful rooms, trying to discover the murderer, the scene of the murder and the weapon.

We then had to wander around the house sketching a body part,  which we had been allocated,  from any art and furniture .  We then got together in our groups and made our own fantastical beasts from the images we had collected.  You can see the results below:



Welcome to 5MJ!

We are studying Shakespeare’s  Macbeth at the moment through drama, reading and writing.

I was so impressed with Stella’s write about the witches:

The cave was dark.  Nothing moved.  It was as scary as being in a horror movie but 10 times worse because it was real and it wouldn’t let you leave.

Just as you think it couldn’t get any worse, three figures appear from the shadows.  As quick as a flash, their scared faces, scruffy hair and their dirty ragged clothes dance around you say with their evil cackling voices, “Hear, he shall come.  I hear his big feet drum.  His feet will pound on the hard ground.  He will howl and the animal inside him will growl.  All hail Macbeth!”

The cave is now smoky and you will see the witches.  The old ugly witch would give you nightmares because of her eyes that are half in and half out.  The teenage witch will trick you into thinking she’s normal ….

Stella 5MJ

Miss Judge

Chess Challenge!

On Monday Fearnville Primary School in Bradford came to challenge Year 6 to play chess.  It was a great afternoon,  with lots of concentration and deep thought.  Benjamin, Chloe and Alex O. did extremely well and managed to win all their games.

Leavers Service at Leeds Minster

On Wednesday we went to the annual Leavers’ Service at Leeds Minster.  It was lovely to have some time out to sit in church and think about our lives and moving onto High School – the next stage of our lives.

This year’s theme was  ‘Yesterday, Today, Forever’ recalling that God is unchanging and is with us at all times and stages in our lives, whether we recognise it or not.

The Bible uses the imagery of light to remind people of God’s presence, love and care. It is also a symbol of hope in times of uncertainty or difficulty.


Through the Leavers’ Services we explored:

YESTERDAY:    Children’s life and growth through primary school, especially the people who have been influential, memories that will be cherished, achievements and character formation that have made a difference in their lives and that have enabled them to grow into the people they are and will become.

 TODAY:     Recognising the anticipation / sadness / fears / hopes as the children prepare to move on to high school.  

FOREVER:  Looking to the future with confidence, faith and hope. What will we take with us? What gives us confidence? What are those things that really matter and will be ‘lasting’?

The service gave us time for reflection – the we then had some time in the gardens looking at the words on the grave stones – the dates and stories whilst we waited for the replacement bus that had broken down!

MIss Judge


Big Bang Science Fair

Yesterday, ten pupils from 6MJ and 6SK went to the Big Bang Science Fair in Doncaster.  However, we were not the only school going to the fair, we were joined by Brodetsky, Alwoodley and Allerton High.

When we arrived in Doncaster , I was surprised that there were so many science projects.  I was so excited that I wanted to try them all.  The first project that we made was an aeroplane.  We worked in groups of three and four.  Our first step was to design the plane.  Next we had to get a piece of foam board and cut out our design.  After, we constructed our plane design, putting all the pieces together.  Finally, we tested our plane and let it fly.

Later that day the sun was scorching even more, so the teachers decided that we would all have something from the ice cream van.  We all sat in the shade, racing our cars that we made in another project.

Sadly, a few hours later it was time to leave.


The Great Science Share

The Great Science Share


On Tuesday (18th June) a select few children had the chance to display the amazing science that we have learnt and show it to other teachers and children from other primary schools. 

It was almost like everyone stopped and stared when we entered their hall.  As I glanced around, I could see all these fantastic displays of science experiments, each on different.  We took it in turns to explain our display and if I’m honest, my favourite part of the day was seeing all of the faces light up when they came to our table! 

I believe that if there is a Science Fair next year, our school would gladly tag along.