Thursday 3rd March

Because of worsening conditions, and an unsafe school site,  we have made the decision to close school today.

Below are some challenges that you can complete by commenting on this post.


Challenge yourself to a descriptive piece of writing:

  1. A short recount from the snow or school’s perspective over the last couple of days. What’s their side of the story? How do they feel?
  2. A setting description of what it looks like out of your window or somewhere close to your home. You could include: adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors or personification. 

Still stuck? Use the Alan Peat sentence types from older posts on the blog to get you started. You could also use iSPACE Openers to start you off:


  1. Last Wednesday, students could choose ham or turkey sandwiches for lunch. The canteen made 72 sandwiches in all, 25% of which were turkey. How many turkey sandwiches did the canteen make?
  2. There are 80 seats on a train. 75% of the seats are empty. How many empty seats are there on the train?
  3. Yesterday, there were 10 problems assigned for maths homework. Sasha did 20% of them correctly. How many problems did Sasha get right?
  4. In order to select new board members, the French club held an election. 80% of the 70 members of the club voted. How many members voted?
  5. In hopes of encouraging healthier snacks at school, Peter brought in a tray of carrot sticks and apple slices to share. The tray had a total of 100 snacks, of which 10% were carrot sticks. How many carrot sticks did Peter bring?

Remember, a lot of you found finding 10% (divide by 10), 50% (divide by 2) or 1% (divide by 100) a good place to start when answering questions like these.

Miss Judge

5 thoughts on “Thursday 3rd March

  1. Today was the first ever weekday for me that nobody came in to me! I hope tomorrow, I can see all those lively children again; the sight fills me up with energy.

    It all started on Tuesday, when flakes of pure white fell from the sky. Wondering what was going on, I saw the flakes had settled on the ground, forming a blanket on the floor, embracing the concrete in its chilly hands. But, Mr. Walker (the caretaker) used a shovel to scoop it up with, and sprinkled strange powder on the ground. After that, the day progressed as per usual.

    When I awoke on Wednesday, the floor was completely covered by the mysterious substance. Mr. Walker didn’t even scoop it up this time, but still sprinkled the powder on the floor. At playtime, all the children ran onto the field and threw the strange stuff at each other! I saw one or two kidsrun off, injured.

    Today, for the first time ever, nobody arrived at school, not even Mr. Walker, who came every day. The stuff had grown overnight, almost 6″ deep! I do hope everybody comes back tomorrow.

  2. The snow has smothered everything in sight, nothing has been left uncovered. When I look out of the window, I see thick, sticky, white flakes of snow gently drifting from the heavens above. Icicles hang procariously, sparkling in the sun. A thick blanket covers the garden, no footprints to ruin the perfectness of the ground. The ice, though beautiful, is vicious and dangerous, ready to pounce at any moment.

  3. Maths:
    2)60 empty seats
    3)2 correct answers
    4)56 members
    5)10 snacks

    English:Short recount
    As the snow stealthily dropped down, fear trembled inside the pupils of 6MJ’s mind. They knew what horrific thing was going to happen. NO SCHOOL! Although they had a slight feeling of excitement in their mind, they still wanted to enjoy their World Book Day. What will happen next??…

    Setting Description:

    Whilst I looked out of my bedroom window the beautiful scenery around me was lighten up. Soft, shiny snowflakes dropped aimlessly out from the cold air, which will nip the tip of your nose! The floor, which had nothing but white covering it, dazzled the living daylights out of me. All thoughts of things was spinning around my mind.(Which was very excited)! The only thing to do was to step foot outside, to the soft piece of weather which makes you bring back memories from Christmas!

  4. Thick and white snow covered the area, swallowing anything in its way. Within seconds of being in the snow, your shoes will be covered in the powdery substance. every second a small snow flake slowly drops to the hungry snow.

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