4 thoughts on “Who is this and what did he discover?

  1. this person is Sir Isaac Newton and he discovered that white light is composed of the same system of colours that can be seen in a rainbow

  2. The man in the photo is Sir Isaac Newton who discovered gravity while reading a book in his orchard. The story goes he was sleeping when an apple fell on his head and he thought how it had fallen.
    He was also a known for writing a book called Princpia. He is also famous because he has a telescope named after him and also explained how rainbows worked.

  3. This is Sir Isaac Newton, he was a famous scientist who discovered the forces of gravity.
    There are lots of stories about him such as about how he fell asleep under a tree and an apple fell on his head and it hurt ! He wrote a book based on maths it is known as the Principia, he is also famous as he has a telescope named after him. He wrote yet another book this one about light and how rainbows work.

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