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Library Visit

Today we went on a visit to our local library. Firstly, we were given a card between our partners and we had to answer the question that was printed on it. Then Beltina, Davina, Edward and Rewan were chosen to read paragraphs from a book about Ernest Shackleton. Furthermore the children were allowed to borrow 1 book each to take to school.

Reading is very important because it increases your vocabulary, it gives you a wider imagination and is very relaxing. Reading also improves your grammar, punctuation and spelling.



5MJ Arts Fortnight Theseus and the Minotaur

Our first week in the Art Studio with Mrs Johnston has flown.   The focus is around Greek Myths and in particular Theseus and the Minotaur.   We have started to put together a dance about this myth and the children have come up with some very impressive physical representations of the Labyrinth through dance.


We have practised making Labyrinths using various materials including wooden blocks, shells, pen and paper and Lego.  We have then drawn our own Labyrinths and are now in the process of making them into a relief with Modroc and newspaper. I am very impressed with Leah and Hafsa who have managed to do this brilliantly, both accurately and carefully.   Through Drama we acted out Theseus making his way through the Labyrinth, unable to see and in terror of the Minotaur ahead of him.  We then used this experience to inspire our writing of a description of Theseus’ journey through the Labyrinth.

Ancient Greeks

Macbeth Production!

Our production of Macbeth was brilliant!  Thank you to all parents who attended and supported us in this celebration of all our work on this Shakespeare play.  The children really enjoyed this project and a lot of them showed increased confidence and engagement.

Temple Newsam

On both Tuesday and Wednesday Year 5 were lucky to visit Temple Newsam. The trip allowed us to roam around and discover the history of a building that was over 500 years old. We undertook two exciting activities that brought our learning to life. Firstly, we used the ornate decorations of the house to design and then make a fantastical beast out of clay. Secondly, we learnt about the interesting history of the stately home and took part in a thrilling murder mystery investigation.