A walk in the Woods!

As a culmination of their work with Mr Spink 5MJ went to the Woods today. It was great fun as we built dens which were a great example of collaboration and working like Emmet being resourceful.  Mr Spink helped the children to light campfires and they then cooked dough on a peeled stick – delicious apparently!

A great morning was had by all.

Thank you Mr Spink!


Tony Peek

5MJ had an excellent visit from author Tony Peek on Tuesday.  The children really enjoyed hearing the poems and also being encouraged to write their own ideas.  They particularly enjoyed the poems about teachers!

Museum Drama!

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Blah, Blah, Blah theatre company.  The drama was about whether a collection of artefacts  in a  museum should be digitized and presented online, or whether the physical objects have value in themselves.  This dilemma was delivered in an imaginative and entertaining way.

Ernest Shackleton

Singher wrote a great paragraph about Ernest Shackleton’s feelings as he saw his beloved ship “Endurance” crushed by the ice:


As my heart sank faster than the ship in front of me, I stood open-mouthed and speechless.  Feelings crushed my heart.  The howling wind was biting on my face however nothing was as devastating as my beloved shelter being smashed in the icy cold water.  I panicked.  I was in agony, I was stressed!  Tears rolled down my numb cheeks.  The towering chalk white cliffs stared down, leaning over to see the chaotic scene.  As the weight of responsibility on my shoulders got heavier, my heart pumped faster.  what was I going to do with all my crew?  Where will we stay? Thoughts whirled around my head making it hard to think.




Discussions with a real Explorer!

Year 5 had a very exciting Skype conversation last week with Lauren Owen who  is training to explore Antarctica. She spoke to the children last week from her home in Bristol and is now in Norway training. She was able to provide us with some great insights into what living and trekking in the snow was like, how cold,  but beautiful.  She even told us about the toilet arrangements,  and how they managed to stay warm and cook and eat.

Please see School’s Twitter feed for the latest update from her.  We will be replying!

Visit to Moortown Library

5MJ visited our wonderful local resource of Moortown Library on Monday.  We were shown some great books about our topic Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton and then had to build lego representations of the Antarctic or Ernest Shackleton’s story.

Finally everyone chose a book from the library that we are going to keep in our classroom to read.

Don’t forget to use the library.  There really are some excellent books there and also some upcoming activities such as chess lessons!

Antarctic provisions

5MJ have been making Antarctic sledging biscuits with Mrs Walker.  These are a simple biscuit with flour, salt, butter and with or without oats.  You can also use white or wholemeal flour.  We made them and then we are going to compare which is the tastiest combination of ingredients.  We are leaving them a few days before comparing as the biscuits were traditionally taken on expeditions when they would need to be able to be kept and eaten later.