Persuasive Slogan!

As part of the Air Quality Programme, we have been tasked to communicate, campaign and encourage a change in our transport decisions. In order to produce an effective campaign, it is vitally important that we create a strong slogan that supports our message. This week can you find a message that catches your eye?   It may be in the form of a newspaper article or a television advert.

A wet walk in the woods!

As part of our Arts fortnight, 5 MJ went for a walk in the woods.  We were observing the trees, thinking about the good that they do for the environment and looking for visual representations of some descriptive phrases that we had taken with us.

We were able to see quite a lot of the features of a wood which we had been thinking about,  to better understand what they were and how they could be described.  We appreciated the variety of trees in the woods and the variations in the  colours and textures of their bark.

We will never again think that a tree is just a tree!


Checking air quality!

On Monday,  a group of 6 year 5 children went out with Andrew Ryde from Leeds City Council.  He took us outside to test our air quality with an NO2 reader.  An NO2 reader tests the quality of the air outside and inside of our school.  Andrew has a diesel car so we could see how much pollution comes out of it.  When we put the NO2 reader near the engine,  the reader started beeping.  This means that if you were in a room with that bit of air, it would be deadly.
Stella 5MJ


Inspiration from Greek Myths

Descriptions of the Minotaur!

A strong, horrible stench comes out of the horrid beast.  It has muscular arms and legs that you can’t forget, just one pull and he could rip you in half, a stomp strong enough that it could make an earthquake!  Teeth that drip blood out every second, curvy horns made of bones that can stab you any time.  This mythical beast is like no other.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, if the minotaur is in motion, it will hunt you down and kill you at the more unexpected time!

Susan  5MJ


Anti Bullying Week – Odd Socks!

Our theme for Antibullying Week is “Share our Similarities and Celebrate our Differences”.  We have some fantastic combinations of (very colourful) socks being worn today, reminding us that we are all different and that that should be celebrated and not a reason for bullying or being unkind.

Abbey Ayre and the Shed of Science!

This week Year 5 had a visit from Abbey Aire and the Shed of Science a fun and engaging theatre programme to educate and motivate Year 5 to help improve their local air quality safely and sustainably.   This links to the Air Quality project being undertaken by Year 5 with Leeds City Council. The presentation helped children to think about the causes and health consequences of poor air quality, and to think about ways in which they can avoid contributing to poor air quality, such as using sustainable transport.

ACE Weather Station

5MJ were lucky enough to have a lesson with Mr Magnall looking at the data from our ACE Weather Station.  We have definitely had some very interesting weather over the last year, hot, cold, windy and wet!  We looked at graphs, averages and compass directions.

Thank you Mr Magnall.